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This led the police to carry out a third search in a ditch in Camas after the intense and costly searches in the Guadalquivir river and the Seville landfill, and even a fourth after the Provincial Court ordered it last February. Carcaño’s ex-girlfriend assured this Friday that Marta’s body was thrown in a grove near her home, and about 600 meters away from the two points where the police had searched for the young woman.

Likewise, the parties questioned the adolescent about the alleged call from her that she would have received from her in which someone threatened her with the possibility of harming her family and serious insults from her. Rocío P. G. alleged that she did not directly accuse Carcaño’s brother, Javier Delgado, but that the police officers showed her different voices and she identified one of them, which corresponded to his. Delgado has sued this week against the minor for false testimony and possibly the complaint has intimidated her. The minor appeared for an hour and a half, just before her mother and her grandmother testified to offer details of her brief coexistence with Carcaño for three weeks, from the day of the crime until the young man was arrested. Despite the fact that she declared protected by a screen, Rocío P. G. suffered an anxiety attack after crossing paths with Carcaño at the end of her statement, and her relatives tried to console her in the corridors while she repeated serious insults.

In the morning, at 9:00, Carcaño had been received with shouts by the citizens concentrated at the doors of the courts. “Murderer, spit where the girl is,” they rebuked him. Shortly afterwards, the mother of the minor Javier G., El Cuco, alleged that she had the only key to her car, which ruled out the use of the car on the night of the crime.

The judge in the “Marta case”, Francisco de Asís Molina, accuses the confessed murderer of the young woman, Miguel Carcaño, of two crimes of rape, one of murder, another against moral integrity and a crime of desecration of corpses. The magistrate emphasizes: “We are faced with an unusual or extraordinary event in our criminal history (…) Unfortunate coincidences have significantly impaired the police and judicial investigation.” One year after the crime, committed on January 24, 2009 in Seville, the lies of the defendants have prevented locating the body of the young Marta del Castillo.

The judicial account of the night of the event clarifies that Carcaño attacked Marta “angry and angry” after she refused a kiss. Both were with the minor Javier G., El Cuco, who also participated in a brutal assault that preceded the rape of the minor by the two friends.

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